In Car from Kent Carter from SCCA Lone Star GP Texas World Speedway 2009

In car of the first 4 laps, showing Luke Bickham's spin in traffic. Perfect example of the racing rule, "both feet in when you spin"

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The Final Minute.wmv
The end of a race car. Kent Carter, SpecMiata #91 is forced off the track near the end of the front straight of Hallett Motor Racing Circuit at the SCCA BF Goodrich Super Tour race on April 15, 2012.

gunshipracing 2 wmv
Texas World Speedway with the Miata's

Texas World Speedway - Texas Heat Wave - Race 3 : Camaro Mustang Challenge Series : NASA-TX
Texas World Speedway : Texas Heat Wavet -Aug. 2011 This is race 3. I qualified 3rd and finished 1st. Camaro Mustang Challenge Series: National Auto Sport Association - Texas

2 Racing Laps Texas World Speedway Spec Miata Texas World Speedway Lone Star SCCA Texas Two Step