In Car from Kent Carter from SCCA Lone Star GP Texas World Speedway 2009

In car of the first 4 laps, showing Luke Bickham's spin in traffic. Perfect example of the racing rule, "both feet in when you spin"

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Texas World Speedway - Texas Heat Wave - Race 3 : Camaro Mustang Challenge Series : NASA-TX
Texas World Speedway : Texas Heat Wavet -Aug. 2011 This is race 3. I qualified 3rd and finished 1st. Camaro Mustang Challenge Series: National Auto Sport Association - Texas

TWS - SCCA F Production 3/7/2010
Laps 2-4 of the SCCA National Race at Texas World Speedway March 7, 2010. Video from F Production Mazda Miata driven by Eric Prill, initially following the E Production RX-8 of Austin Snader. Lap 4 set class track record of 1:53.186.

TWS Saturday National Race 30709 - SRF spin/wreck
SRF National, Texas World Speedway, 3/7/09. I started on outside pole, got hung out to dry on the start (draft). After pushing the 54 by the 10 going into T1 on the second lap, the 54 looped it coming off the banking. In speaking with him after the race, he had no idea what caused him to spin. I spun to avoid the T-bone, mild carnage ensued, I DNF'd with a wrecked radiator. Fortunately the 30+ cars behind all missed us as they filed through (you can see the 10 t-bone me lightly as I leave the track surface). The spin happened at about 116MPH.

Spec Miata Races / NASA-Texas Region / Aug-2009
Race Start and First Lap of the Spec Miata NASA Race Event at Texas World Speedway. August 1st & 2nd, 2009