In Car from Kent Carter from SCCA Lone Star GP Texas World Speedway 2009

In car of the first 4 laps, showing Luke Bickham's spin in traffic. Perfect example of the racing rule, "both feet in when you spin"

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Texas World Speedway - Texas Heat Wave - Race 3 : Camaro Mustang Challenge Series : NASA-TX
Texas World Speedway : Texas Heat Wavet -Aug. 2011 This is race 3. I qualified 3rd and finished 1st. Camaro Mustang Challenge Series: National Auto Sport Association - Texas

The Final Minute.wmv
The end of a race car. Kent Carter, SpecMiata #91 is forced off the track near the end of the front straight of Hallett Motor Racing Circuit at the SCCA BF Goodrich Super Tour race on April 15, 2012.

Spec Miata Races / NASA-Texas Region / Aug-2009
Race Start and First Lap of the Spec Miata NASA Race Event at Texas World Speedway. August 1st & 2nd, 2009

Texas World Speedway Spin Out 150 mph