97 12v cummins cold start

Starwheel adjusted, no fuel plate, 4in Exhaust. Billet single disk converter with suncoast extreme duty rebuild kit and transgo shift kit. Idle is low needs to be raised some as you can see in video. Idles at around 700 rpm when warmed though. About 30 degrees out.

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12 Valve Cummins Straight Pipe
Breaking in the newly refurbished 12 valve cummins in my 2000 dodge 2500. Just got it running again after sitting for a few weeks

Dodge Cummins 12 Valve Cold Start
My 1996 dodge cummins 12 valve. Sat for 2 days and starts right up. This baby has over 330,000 miles and runs strong.

2nd gen swapped 2007 dodge ram Cummins 6 speed with jacobs brake
listen to that turbo sing yea buddy

Cummins 12 valve Fuel Plate Adjustment P7100
Cummins 12 valve Fuel Plate Adjustment, just an idea of what you are going to run into when sliding it forward for more power. This procedure is for a virgin pump, it is much simpler once the security bolt has been removed. *****The removal of the intake horn and lines was necessary to allow access for the hacksaw blade (all that I had at home to cut the head off the bolt) and to make room for the vise grips to turn the shank of the bolt out.****