97 12v cummins cold start

Starwheel adjusted, no fuel plate, 4in Exhaust. Billet single disk converter with suncoast extreme duty rebuild kit and transgo shift kit. Idle is low needs to be raised some as you can see in video. Idles at around 700 rpm when warmed though. About 30 degrees out.

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12 Valve Cummins towing heavy
This is a my 1994 Cummins hauling a load of firewood back from Centre County running through the rock cut on I-80 east bound around mile 179. Total weight was about 18,700-19,200 LBS. about 203800 and still running strong. May trade it on a 2007 6.7 Auto... Any advice?

12 Valve Start-up cummins
There's a few things I know I need to take care of on the truck. My idle is set about 400rpm to low, it should be around 850-1000 and it sounds like I may have a small Exhaust leak. Mods are 370 injectors, #0 fuel plate, AFE Stage 2 intake, AFE intake manifold, straight 4 in Exhaust

Cummins cold start
this was me starting my pickup it was about 20-25 degrees out sat unplugged over night 1 cycle of grid heater on first try not much smoke but the only fueling upgrades its got is a fass fuel system

1991.5 Cummins cold start 29 degrees
Starting the 1991.5 intercooled Cummins in 29 degree weather