Supercharded RSX Highway pull

Jackson Racing supercharged RSX pulls from third to fifth on the highway

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short vid of my rsx supercharged to turbo
Full-Race RSX

This Girl's Rare Integra DC5 Will Make Honda Fanboys Happy
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Supercharged RSX 12.8@109 MPH
Supercharged RSX 12.8@109 MPH

RSX Type S Jackson Racing Superchager
04 Acura RSX Type S Mod List: Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit 3.2" Pulley (9psi) Kpro V3 Vibrant V-Stack Custom Short Ram Hybrid Racing 74mm Throttle Body Merc Racing Superchager Inlet Upgrade Merc Racing Autotensioner Bracket Power 2 Rev Thermal Throttle Body Gasket Hondata Thermal Intake Gasket Haasport Billet 62a Motor Mounts / Innovative 60a Front Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail Deatschwerks 800cc Injectors