Supercharded RSX Highway pull

Jackson Racing supercharged RSX pulls from third to fifth on the highway

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2002 WS6 Vs S/C RSX
Stock 2002 WS6 Trans Am VS Supercharged Acura RSX

Dyno Tune RSX-S JRSC @ 9PSI
One of my runs during the tune. 2004 RSX Type S Injen CAI, Hondata IMG Comptech Shorty Header with Megan Test Pipe Fujitsubo Powergetter Exhaust System Hondata K-Pro Jackson Racing Supercharger @ 9PSI ITR LSD, 4.76 Final Drive, Fidanza 8lb Flywheel Buddy Club Racing Spec Shift Kit Final numbers were 302Hp after the finished tune.

short vid of my rsx supercharged to turbo
Full-Race RSX

This Girl's Rare Integra DC5 Will Make Honda Fanboys Happy
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