Car on ice!

A nice trip on a Swiss frozen lake with a Chevrolet Corvair (1960). This experience was possible because of the amazing cold days we had during several weeks. We do not own anything about the music. Enjoy the video!

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Cars slip and slide down icy hill - Charleston, WV - February 27, 2008
Cars have trouble negotiating a steep hill in Charleston, WV. An SUV slides into a shallow ditch and has a difficult time getting out, even with four-wheel drive. Wheels lock and slide on the slick road. Stock footage catalog #HD-WVW-022708A Copyright Dan Robinson. See:

Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #13 - Black Ice !
Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #13 - Black Ice ! - Stay tuned for the next one! Please Subscribe, Like, and Comment the video :) Thank You! Take this video as a learning tool, there are a lot of bad drivers, especially in Russia where these clips are from. Slippery and icy roads are very dangerous. Driving too fast on ice, especially black ice is causing HUGE accidents all around the world on a daily basis. So watch out when the winter hits the roads!

Winter Woes: Car Encased in Ice
WCBS 2′s Kathryn Brown reports on a car in New York City's East Village that's turning the heads of otherwise jaded New Yorkers: an Audi A3 encased in six inches of ice.

Cars on Ice Compilation
Cars on Ice Compilation