Compare Window Tint on Car Examples 5, 15, 30, 35, 50, 70%

Here is some sample of different film percentages to give you a better idea of how dark or light the film looks.(percent depicts the amount of light going through ex: 0% would be pitch black 100% would be totally clear)The film used in the video is non reflective. I will be posting more videos of sample cars that I tint for a better visual. Thanks for watching! (916) 459-5494

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Window tint 20% next to a car at 35% tinting
My black MazdaSpeed3 has all 20% tint. The red Dodge has all 35% tinting. Also has a inside the car shot from the 20%, then the 35%.

Window tint before and after: 35% and 20% on white car
Side by side comparison, no tint vs. 35% side and 20% back. I made this informative video so you would be able to see what a white car looks like with this shade of tint film. It's not easy to make a decision when you go to a shop and they show you 8 different films on a roll against a wall! I wasn't even sure if this was what I wanted, but I went for it...and I love it! I had to record this video about three different times, of course the before, and after, but my battery died during one of the filmings. This is why I'm wearing different clothes. If you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up! Check out my other videos too! Thanks! xo, T M Y D A I L Y L I F E: `````````````````````````````` Instagram:

Tint meter on 70%, 35%, 20% window tint
My black MazdaSpeed3 has all 20% tint. The red Dodge has all 35% tinting. The tint meter read 30% for Dodge and 19% for the MS3.

Cop harassing over window tint
getting pulled over on the highway for window tint Addicted To Fishing Facebook group Topwater Tony Facebook page Hydroguru/GuruGurlz Facebook marks