Dodge D100 440 burnout

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Dodge Challenger -70 start and drive
Starting and driving my Challenger. Last driven two or three weeks ago.

Beating on a Dodge 440 big block truck fail
my friends 'smiley truck' taking a friend girl for a drive. i figured it would do her some good but ended up breaking in an awesome way when it hit a pothole. well, i guess it was exciting anyway. The other truck is a 1951 ford f100 on a 1991 dakota frame.

Dodge Vin Diesel Stunts Chargers

Burnouts Hofors - 2017
Årets Burnouts hade lockat ut mycket folk i solskenet för titta på när det brändes däck. Tredje och sista rundan börjar vid ca 8 minuter och det är då det händer spektakulära saker.