Z1 Drag Race Whyalla

SA Tri Series Final Round - Whyalla Modified Bike

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Whyalla Super Charged Outlaws
Steel City Drag Club - 2008 SA Tr-Series Final Round

1974 Kawasaki Z1 Dragbike in 1985 "Old Zs Never Die!"
This is a 25 yo (1985) VHS video of my old Z1 making a 9.54 pass. This is a 7-time National Record Holding Z1. All-time bests are 9.39 @ 138 in the 1/4 and 5.87 @ 116 in the 1/8th. I bought this bike new in March of 1974 and still own it today. (2010) There isn't/never was a turbo, Nitrous, big-block, slider clutch, tach, shiftlight, 2-step or any other such garbage on this bike. Strictly "seat of the pants". The motor was built by Mark McIntosh of M&M Racing Louisville Ky in 1978. It is 1045cc with 31mm CR carbs and carried 640# in it's record settng form. Haters,Squids,Stunters or most Hardly/Zuki Lovers will not be able to appreciate this motorcycle or the era in which it was created. It can't do "Stoppies", I don't "stand on the seat" and "Wheelies" are limited by the bar set-up. "It is what it is": A historic example of a record setting "Modified" of it's era and preserved exactly as it was in 1986. Old Zs Never Die!

Harley V Rod, Les Armes ,North Weald Essex
Les Armes riding his out of the crate Harley drag bike. Les rode the "Timetraveller" 1015cc turbo Z1-B kawasaki back in '77. 30 years ago winning many championships,Best time 9.62

The Sweetest Z1 900 in existance 100% original
1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 - this is proably one of the nicest all original unrestored Kawasaki Z1900 motorcycles in the USA if not the world! please let me know if you think otherwise!