Mustang GT German Autobahn 0-200 tazmax

Live and in color 22.56 Seconds from 0-200 with a modified Mustang GT.

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mustang gt top speed pull
2005 Mustang GT with some mods running through the gears

2005 Mustang GT on Nordschleife Tazmax
Me driving on Nordschleife with my Mustang GT trying to follow a porsche 911 gt 3. Watch it and have fun!

Mustang gt V8 305ps
Autobahnaktion,bissl Schub gemacht

Driving Fast on the German Autobahn | AutoMotoTV
Subscribe for more car videos: No where else in the world are you allowed to drive as fast as on the German autobahn. But driving fast is something that has to be learned! High speed driving calls the utmost concentration and energy on the part of the driver. Each year, more than two million accidents occur on the German autobahn. Follow us @AutoMotoTV - AutoMoto TV -