P71 Vid CVN Promo feat. Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

A p71 vid I made as project. Features the Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor. Music: "Unstoppable" by E.S. Posthumous. Thanks to the members of crownvic.net and others for the images. Panther Platform Car: Crown Vic CVPI

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Crash Test: 2006 Ford Crown Victoria
Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Crash Test: 2006 Ford Crown Victoria (without optional side airbags)

Crown Victoria '96 & P-71 '99 Burn Out
Crown Victoria '96 & P-71 '99 Burn Out

2008 Ford Crown Victoria Nightstalker Police Interceptor The Green Hornet IV Full Pursuit Package
www.cmautowerkz.com NightStalker Green Hornet Pursuit Vehicle..... 2008 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor Nightstalker Green Hornet Pursuit Vehicle. Fully equipped. It is a pleasure to drive. Read the list below of all the features. Exterior: Panther Black Exterior 3.55 TracLoc Gears Dual Spotlights with LED Upgraded Bulbs Smoked Taillights Smoked Rear Fascia Black wheels with Chrome Center Caps Firehawk Pursuit Tires (95% tire life) GoRhino Push Bumper LowJack Rooftop Arials (leads in trunk, lojack system not included) NMO Radio Antenna Mount (lead in trunk) Interior: Green Hornet Black Nightstalker Seats with Green Stitching Proguard Prisoner Partition Center Console Laptop Mount Ballistic Door Panels Kevlar Trunk Organizer LED Ticket Light with red and white option Shotgun and AR Holders Equipment Federal Signal SmartSirenSM Controler Whelen Rumbler Siren Public Address System Bull Horn LedCo Laptop Mount Panasonic CF48 Laptop Fully Operational Separate and Dedicated Power Distribution Center Trunk Shelf Lowjack Leads Motorola Radio antenna lead and wiring pre-run to the console Center Console Rear Prisoner seats Rear Window Bars Rear Steel Door Panels Lighting: Corner and Reverse Light LED Strobes Front Visor LED Green with White 2 Grill Mounted LED White 2 Push Bumper Side Mounted LED Green/White 2 Push Bumper Front Mounted LED Green/White 1 Push Bumper front lower Mounted LED 4 Way Array Green Rear Traffic Advisor Stick Green 2 Rear Shelf LED Arrays Green/White 2 License Plate LED Arrays Green/White 2 Side Window LED White Custom Running Board LEDs Green/White 130000 Lumen Bumper Mounted LED floodlight

Ford Crown Victoria (top speed)
top speed for ford crown vic 150 mph the speedo is in kilometers CV 2004 LX sport (P74)