Donatas Sokas 1995 Honda Accord Race Car.

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Finally, the day of reckoning has arrived. Honda launched all new Honda Livo in the country today. Honda Livo is all set to come into the market of premium 100cc motorcycles with this brand new offering. Honda has taken the Twister concept and applied it to the 2015 Honda Livo. As expected and said by us, the 2015 Honda Livo is the replacement for not so best-selling Twister. Read more at:

1995 Honda Accord EX with F22B2/H22A engine GT3076R turbo on 10 lbs of Boost. Stock F22 transmission. Dynoed @ 331whp/338tq As I'm sure you can tell by trap speed my ET was slower than it should have been which by what i've seen at the track is 13.3-13.6. I had bad spark breakup at 4800+ RPM in 2nd and 3rd gear killing my power. A weak 60' and heavy rims/car added to that. RACE WEIGHT 3330 lbs (including 265 lb driver) Yes, I get destroyed in this race. But it's all about personal best and learning how to get there by practicing. RESULTS: ACCORD: REACTION: +.7170 60 FT: 2.5239 330 FT: 6.6198 1/8: 9.8368@75.89 1/4: 14.7380@101.76 S/C Mustang WITH Nitrous: REACTION: +.2361 60 FT: 1.7578 330 FT: (NOT SHOWN ON TIMESLIP) 1/8: 7.2299@102.49 1/4: 11.0090@131.14 Previous best was 15.9600@86.39 mph with basic I/H/E Then it Dynoed at 130 whp/142 tq and the car and driver weight was exactly 3000 lbs 330 lighter than current run (25 of that 330 was me lol). Link to 15.96 run here:

1995 Honda Accord Lx F22B2 Non Vtec Engine.
This is my 1995 Honda Accord Lx. It is a Canadian owned and operated car, and has been all its life. All distances and speeds are calculated in kilometres. The conversion from Miles to Kilometres is: 0.62. Miles on the car = 42,000 MPW 106 17" rims wrapped with Champiro 205/40/R17 tires. 81,000km's on the car to date. Have any questions? Leave a comment and I answer them very quickly! Suggestions of my next mod? Let me know! If you have any suggestions on how I can increase my horse power without adding a turbo, leave your comments, and keep your unnecessary comments to yourself. Some suggestions I have heard is to rebuilt the engine with a higher compression. Cam suggestions? Valves? Head? Headers? Intake? Fuel Rail? Help me out! Hope you enjoyed this video! Check out my other videos of my car lowered!