C5 vs. Cobra

Cartek C5 vs. Cobra

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z06 vs 03 cobra vs c5 z06

07 Z06 gets walked by 97 c5 corvette?
This video is about carpidity vlog 01. This is our first vlog it is similar to streetspeed717 or guitarmagedonzl1. We drive downtown Kansas City eat play games race and do burnouts. We will try to upload vlogs once a week.

Corvette Vs. Charger
Sorry MOPAR guys.

Corvette vs Cobra Drag Race Part III
Corvette vs Cobra Drag Race III Yet another controversial race in Mexico for all you haters. Enjoy. All motor 408 vs S/C 5.4l ***Here is another link for those that think it would have been better to run the vette vs a '03-'04 Cobra, LOL.*** http://youtu.be/glVY2-eJl3I