World's Worst Race

Ford Aspire vs Ford Ranger! Who will win (or break down first)?

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Tuff Ford Aspire@Cowlitz County
Aug 9 2013 Hutton Motorsports monster truck show Longview,Wa.

Stone Angels
An original song by Pygmalion played at Southern Maine Music Academy . I was not the one filming (sorry for their annoying screaming). Steve Gagel on bass, Nick Laurin on drums, Brandon Deas on piano, Brian Amoroso on trumpet, Jake Hickey Trombone.

1995 Ford Aspire block put into 1990 Ford Festiva
I finally finished with the engine swap in my 1990 Ford Festiva. My old Festiva engine had almost 300,000 miles on it and the seals were going really bad, oil all over everywhere. I bought a 1995 Ford Aspire engine and used the block only, switching out all peripherals from the Festiva and putting them on the Aspire engine.

Parody Ford Commercial by Amiri King
Chevy lover and hilarious video creator Amiri King has dubbed a Ford commercial with his own Chevrolet brand of humor. WARNING: May be offensive to those that get offended by words and love drama based on being offended because they can't find satisfaction in their own lives any other way.