World's Worst Race

Ford Aspire vs Ford Ranger! Who will win (or break down first)?

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120mph Mega Crash! - Fifth Gear
The world's fastest ever crash test -- just how big are the forces involved and how much of a family car is left after it crashes at a speed not uncommon on British motorways? For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel -

Put to the test – Barbed Wire | Ford India
Driving is all about confidence. And confidence comes standard with great handling. So how good is Ford Car’s handling? Let’s put it to the test by driving it on a circuit surrounded by barbed wire. To watch more, visit:

Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS - Top Gear: Drag Races
It’s Ford vs Ford in this week’s Top Gear Drag Race, as we pit the muscular, 345bhp Ford Focus RS against the, um, muscular Ford Mustang. With a V8. Yup, it’s four-cylinders vs eight, turbo vs natural aspiration, 345bhp vs 425bhp. Tom Ford and Ollie Marriage are your hosts. Take it away... Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

nissan 200 SX vs ford aspire, bp swap
nissan 2.0 DOHC racing an 1997 ford aspire with a DOHC 1.8 BP swap followed by an pontiac bonneville the aspire was in beast mode lol