Fit vs Yaris

Carolina Speedway Puerto Rico Honda Fit vs Toyora Yaris

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Honda Fit Stock vs Toyota Yaris Stock
Marko Cabot vs KaryAnne Bolduc @ Circuit iCar, Les 2 sont stock automatic 1.5

Swift sport vs jazz vs mazda vs yaris
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Toyota Yaris vs Honda Jazz
Testing Toyota Yaris ,auto, with tuned ECU, intake, Header, and full cat-back Exhaust. All done by Mr. Noom. Camera car is a standard factory Honda Jazz 2009 also, auto Transmission with AC on and girlfriend screaming.

Toyota Yaris 1.3 L vs Lancer 1.6 CVT Drag Race
Toyota Yaris 1.3 L with K&N Intake System ! Lancer 1.6 L CVT Stock !