Motor Ford 302 V8 - Distribuidor Eletrônico HEI (VENDO)

Vendo KIT Distribuidor HEI + Cabos de Vela novos/sem uso. Não vendo o motor!

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Install a Distributor how to 302
just a quick video that makes the task of installing a distributor so much easier. I had to learn everything the hard way.

Depoimento Curso Monte seu Ford V8 302, Daniel Alexandre Jahn Hasse
Depoimento do aluno Daniel, participante da Turma 2 do Curso Monte seu Ford V8 302. Deseja se candidatar a uma das vagas? Acesse e deixe seu nome e melhor email. "MELHOR DO QUE ACELERAR UM MOTOR FORD V8 302, É ACELERAR UM MONTADO POR VOCÊ MESMO!"

Ford HEI Distributor
Ford HEI Distributor .I made this video to show you my ford HEI distributor. These are made with a HEI ,Chevy style top and a ford distributor bottom. I wanted this so it would be easy to water proof.With a regular Ford distributor it is harder to water proof because of the coil wire.

Distributor Installation Tips -- Properly installing your distributor involves a little bit more than just stabbing it in and setting the timing. Here's how to check the distributor depth to make sure you don't cause premature wear to either your distributor or your camshaft. For more great engine building tips and complete performance engine builds, check out Thanks! We're constantly uploading great new videos. Please subscribe so you won't miss out! MORE INTERNET GOODNESS: Website: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: