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De Lijn : Antwerp Tramway

Tram en premetro-net in Antwerpen Réseau de tram et prémétro à Anvers


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Canon Powershot Tram line (Streetcar or Lightrail) 6 Antwerp Belgium
Tram Line 6 is the youngest line in Antwerp (Belgium). It goes from the North of Antwerp (Luchtbal) to the south of the city (Kruishofstraat). Part of the line is underground (From Sport palace to Belgielei). They call line 6 the "event line" because of the important places its passes in Antwerp. End of the line Luchtbal is located @ a Mega Movie complex called Kinepolis with 21 State of the art movie theatres inside, also a mega sport store called Decathlon & a "do it yourself" mega store called Brico Plan It. All of this surrounded by giant parking spaces. Another important event place where the line passes is the Sports Palace & Lotto Arena. Both are stadium's where the biggest stars give there shows (Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Prince, Coldplay, Skrillex, ect...). Next is the Central station in Antwerp. A protected building because of its architecture and still in use as the train station for Antwerp. Next to the station is the Zoo. It's one of the oldest Zoo's in the world. Also in the center you have the main street with all the shops and also the diamond headquarters. Antwerp is known worldwide for it's diamonds. another important stop in the South of Antwerp is "Antwerp Expo". These are the exposition halls of the city.

Delijn : lijn 3 Zwijndrecht tot Linkeroever
Ligne 3 de delijn anvers entre zwijndrecht P+R et linkeroever Sporthal

Lijn 9 Eksterlaar-Linkeroever @7250
Het hele traject...

Omsi bus Simulator - Mercedes Benz ( De Lijn ) - Grundorf [Night Map]
Bus simulator omsi With a Mercedes Benz De lijn , Please Subcrise and like !! Enjoy !!

Trams in Antwerpen (Anvers) - Straßenbahn - Villamos
HermeLijn and PCC trams in Antwerpen (Anvers,Anversa, אנטוורפן)

Trams in Brussels/Bruxelles (2010) - Straßenbahn - Villamos - STIB
The Brussels tram (or streetcar) system is one of the ten largest in the world, carrying some 75 million passengers in a year. There are 17 routes totalling 133.4 km. The standard trams -- still "PCC"s from the 1950s and 60s -- have been followed by the specially designed "T2000" low-floor model, and at the end of 2005 was joined by a variant of the off-the-shelf "Flexity Outlook" from Bombardier (3000 series), and end of 2006 by an even longer version of the same family (4000 series).

Tram in Antwerpen - Anvers - Straßenbahn - Villamos
HermeLijn tram in downtown Antwerpen

Kato Unitram/Unitrack Model Tram & LRV Layout
http://www.conceptmodeltrains.com.au/ This video features a Japanese model tram/LRV layout. It is 91" x 30" (231 cm x 76 cm) and has four tram stops. Operation is by DC control. The track used for the layout is made by Kato. Unitram and Unitrack are both used for the layout. The trams are also made by Kato and use the colour scheme of the Toyama Portrams. The buildings are made by Tomytec and Kato.

Trams in Gent, Belgium, 4 may 2011.
Trams in Ghent (Gent, Gand) Belgium (België, Belgique, Belgien) in the old citycentre, 4 May 2011, PCC cars & 'Hermelijnen'. The trolleybus (line 3) has disappeared, new tracks at Korenmarkt/Cataloniëstraat where the old cobblestones disappeared and complicated trackwork in one big concrete slab was installed Spring 2011. Not a beautiful sight in this historic city but safer for the pedestrians. We start in Evergem, next pictures at Ketelvest and continue to Veldstraat, Korenmarkt, Korte Munt, Kleine Vismarkt, Rekelingestraat, Gravensteen, Geldmunt, Burgstraat, the final shots are at Evergem again. The video/photo's were made with a 'Canon Ixus 55' photocamera during a visit to Ghent, Belgium, on May 4th in 2011. http://maps.google.nl/?ie=UTF8&ll=51.053865,3.72201&spn=0.001211,0.003449&t =h&z=18

Déraillement Tram TEC à Jumet (Dépôt)
Un tram de la TEC a déraillé à Jumet des suite d'une avarie du système d'aiguillage. L'accident n'a fait aucune victime mais a causé pas mal d'embouteillage sur la chaussée de Bruxelles aussi bien dans le sens Charleroi-Gosselies que dans le sens Gosselies-Charleroi.

Hermelijn 7269
Op 29/06/2009 werd aan Punt aan de Lijn in Antwerpen de Hermelijn 7269 geladen voor transport naar Oostende om daar ingezet te worden op de kustlijn gedurende de drukke zomermaanden.

PYONGYANG TRAM - Die Straßenbahn in Pyongyang (19.-25.04.2014)
Im April 2014 besuchte ich zum zweitenmal die Volksrepublik Korea (Individualtourist - KEINE der zeitnahen Gruppenreisen!) und schaute erneut auf das Straßenbahnsystem. Neben zahlreichen Fotos entstanden u.a. auch folgende Szenen, welche ich nach den Regelspurtypen sortiert habe. Die KT8D5K und T6B5K der Originallieferungen wurden später durch übernommene T4D/B4D (Leipzig, Dresden und Magdeburg), sowie T3/T3SUCS aus Praha ergänzt. Die hier gezeigten Szenen entstanden meist von der Linie 1A, sowie weniger von den Linien 2 und 3. Den Abschnitt der Linie 1B konnte man allerdings endlich auch fotografisch dokumentieren...

Prague's Tramway of 2011 (Czech Republic)
look at the variety of tram models that exist in Prague! Look at how full the average tram is! - The Prague tram (streetcar) system is the largest tram system in the Czech Republic, consisting of 140 kilometres of track, over 900 tram cars, and 33 lines with a total route length of 540 km. It is operated by Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy a.s., a company owned by the City of Prague. The system served 356 million passengers in 2008. The first horsecar tram line was opened in 1875, the first electric tram ran in 1891.

Antwerpen Hermelijn Low Floor Trams
Video of De Lijn Hermelijn low floor trams from various locations on the pre-metro and surface routes including interior views. Shot between October 16th & 19th, 2011.

Antwerpen tram 1/2
View from a car of Antwerpen tram, surface and under surface sections of track / Вид из трамвайного вагона в Антверпене - наземные и подземные участки

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