"geardrive" in a 70 Roadrunner!

Ever wondered what a gear drive timing would sound like in a 383 Chrysler engine?? Since then rebuilt #'s match motor to stock specs. Gear drive kit is for sale $200.00! Check out my other videos!

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INSANE, Awesome1970 Camaro-with gear drive- acceleration- amazing
Going through some old VHS tapes, I found this short clip. A close family friend tried a gear drive in his cherry Camaro. Video quality is not great (tracking) and there is wind noise... but still worth the few seconds to check out this great sound. Thanks for watching and please visit my website: www.MyDadsGTO.homestead.com

440/456 rebuild install gear drive part 5 .
440/456 rebuild gear drive part 5 and other teed bits . .

69 Plymouth Road Runner vs Corvette ZO6 Street Race
Here's a short video of my 69 Plymouth Road Runner taking on a Heads/Cam Corvette ZO6 at the local street digs. No burnouts, timing pulled back to 30* for pump gas and I was babying a newly installed FTI 4k torque converter. Full interior, full tank and a trunk full of junk (tools, 2 spares, air tank, track prep equipment, etc. etc.)

357 SBC Pete Jackson Noisy Gear Drive
SBC 357 first start up after new NOISY gear install