Chevy Camaro vs Pontiac Grand AM Drag Race

Another fast run.

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Ford vs Pontiac 1/8 Mile Drag Race
More Pro Stock/Pro Extreme cars, one of the two.

Powerstroke: 6.7 vs 7.3 Start and Idle
The amazingly quiet 6.7 next to the bulletproof 7.3

3000 HP Camaro SS Drag Racing Car
Similar to the 3000 HP revving drag racing car, this Camaro body style drag racer puts down 3000 HP and runs the 60' in less than a second. This is at the Gateway International Raceway in IL.

60 Year Old Fan versus 5 Year Old Fan
A 60 year old GE fan compared to a 5 year old TO7i fan. You be the judge! Correction: My grandparents dishwasher is going on 40 years old, not 60.