Chevy Camaro vs Pontiac Grand AM Drag Race

Another fast run.

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Ford vs Pontiac 1/8 Mile Drag Race
More Pro Stock/Pro Extreme cars, one of the two.

F-150 Engine Replacement, Was it Worth it?
$9,400 for a 200,000 mile truck that runs like new with a 3 year unlimited mile warranty, deal or no deal?

Straight Piped 7.3 Diesel Ford Excursion Powerstroke NO MUF!
This is after we took the muffler off our 2001 Ford Excursion with the Powerstroke 7.3 Diesel. Sounds much better! I thought it sounded good even without the muffler, Now I would never go back! That diesel growl and whistlin' turbo is a perfect combo!

F-150 5.4 Startup after Engine Replacement
She's alive and runs beautifully!