1997 Nissan Pickup Hardbody

After 6 months of sitting under trees with a bashed in front end, we finally got our little Nissan to start and move once again

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mpg mods on nissan pickup
went from 18mpg to 24mpg list of all mods (at 27 mpg now) ----------------stock specs----------------------- 2.4-liter 16 valve 4 cylinder Rated payload capacity 1400 lbs Rated towing capacity 3500 lbs 154 foot-pounds of torque at 3,600 rpm. 134 horsepower 15.9-gallon fuel tank -------------free mods Ive done------------- -mud flap delete -turned in my side mirrors -intake snorkel delete -had a rubber mat in the back and I took it out. It was huge, every bit of 50 lbs it was 1/2 in. thick -----------pay mods------------------------ -14" electric fan conversion ($20 from friend) Sept. 5th 2012 added 2 ground cables from battery one to head and one to frame April 4th -synthetic oil (5w30) $26 with filter -used seafoam in break Booster line 1/29/13 -ran the ignition turn on wire to a switch and then to the radio so I can keep the radio off and I can only turn it on when the truck is on.To receive less amp draw. ($10) -taped up some vents for the ac system there on the top of the hood ($0.64) -tail gate delete (summer only) (two bucks for zip ties I didn't have to pay for net if you have to pay for that it would be $20 to $25) -l.e.d cab,floor,rear running and marker lights (cab 10 floor 7 makers lights was $10) -150watt oil pan heater ($30) -went from 215/75/14 tires to 205/75/14 tires (80 a piece) but needed tires any way WAI home made 2inch pvc pipe going to my radiator -have a k&n air filter ($50) shorted the intake on my truck and used 2inch PVC pipe and I drilled 4 holes in the air box for better air flow (it was free had stuff laying a round but would be about $10) -resonator can delete ($10 for turn down $4 for cut off wheel) -1/3 grill block used card board and trash bag ($0.50) http://ecomodder.com/forum/fuel-economy-mpg-modifications.php

Turbo Nissan Pickup
KA24DET nissan hardbody... more videos to come. Took the video for a friend.

1995 Nissan Hardbody Flowmaster
My 1995 Nissan Hardbody beater with a KA24 4 banger & a Flowmaster 40 series. No cat, single inlet dual outlet dumped at the rear axle. Way too loud. Im taking it to the muffler shop to have it swapped for a factory style muffler & tailpipe. These trucks are too short for dumped Exhaust. The Exhaust drone at 2k rpm will rattle your teeth.

check my other video ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOyB7FV164U