Me and my dad built this 82 Yamaha Maxim xj550 that we bought. We did a bunch of custom work here in our two car garage. The list of things done to the bike is quite long so I'm not gonna get in too much detail but if you have a question about the bike let me know and I'll try to get to you and answer it. Enjoy and thank you much for watching Jorge jr Music by: mi6 Song: Stupid Little Things

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1981 Yamaha XJ550
Almost completed project. The video was taken after the color tune followed by another carb sync, which improved responsiveness and sound of engine. Still missing side covers and a matching brake lever. I had the replace the MC as it was defect. This bike has long been sold but pics of the project can be found here: http://www.gabobobikes.com/pita/

RD 500

350CC.COM | Rajputana Custom Cafe Racer Chingari Test Ride
http://350cc.com | http://www.facebook.com/iCustomizer The aim of our Page is to encourage and enlist all Indian Motorcycle Customizers in a single place. Mostly we discuss here about heavy bikes what we call Choppers. And our main motto is to work with 350CC Engines. Well there are many heavier engine than 350cc, but in the country road, you wont find them many. And we believe a 350cc engine is the best machine ever could happen. We are here not to promote any Traditional Bike even though we respect them a lot. This page is all about to inspire to add own design to custom the unique machine. Share ideas, pictures and make your own blog here. (Video by Vijay Singh , Rajputana Customs)

1977 Yamaha TZ 750, start and run
1st time started after auction 5 years later and 1 year ago. Palomar Mountain: http://youtu.be/9AzfXOr5NLY