Brody's Turbo Integra

My buddie Brody and his Super Fast 94 Acura Integra. Keep your Eyes Peeled for more videos of this car!

More Videos...

Californiadad's Turbo Integra GSR 1.8L 475whp
Here is just a basic drive out on the streets, just happen to run into a couple of bikes that wanted to play. Too back I still get no traction out of the hole. even with slicks! Other wise I would of been able to catch and pass that bike sooner.

Dancing in the rain.
Watch the video. RJA2 aka CR aka RR 626drift.

Loud & Low Acura Integra DC4 turbo 15 lbs boost launching
Integra running around 15 pounds of Boost. No numbers as of now because it has never seen a Dyno. Car is for sale, its a really good deal for what it is.

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