BMW E30(3.2 TURBO) vs BMW E30(M5 TURBO)

Drag Racing 402m Tulcea 2012

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BMW E30 3.2 TURBO(800HP) WPP 10.5 vs BMW E30 3.2 TURBO BOH 9.5 (800HP)
BMW E30 3.2 turbo(800HP) WPP 10.5 vs BMW E30 3.2 turbo BOH 9.5 (800HP) Drag Racing Tulcea 2015 BMW E30 WPP - 1450KG BMW E30 BOH - 1000kg

DEMO 2014 BH 04 ARO BMW E30 M5 TURBO 955hp

Dyno of Karels BMW 2012 - First attempt - Bmw E30 2,9T - DYNO 613HP
Sponsors: KSR.No ACM composite BakAxelDelar Do88 Haltech Kl Racing Millway Ross pistons Svea Bil Waarwest Weldon racing Pumps BadAssParts Widells bilplåt Witune Engson Motor Highpotential Racing First Pull Out it gave 540whp @ 1.5bars of Boost.. the goal is to go for 3.2bars Thanks to the Crew who helped so far Dogge Johnny Emil Jakobsson And Tobbe @ Witune for the Dyno.

BMW E30(Engine M5 E34 TURBO) vs GOLF VR6 (Syncro) TURBO
Drag Racing 402m Tulcea 2012