Stance Tribute

Compilation of fresh cars

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Everything JDM tribute 2013 part 1
A collection of JDM pictures, containing most Japanese brands. I do not own any of the photos or music. Rate comment subscribe!

stance style tribute

Hellaflush: Stance: Slammed: Tribute
Clean cars, cant wait to see everyone at IA, Facebook- Christopher Devonte Goodly Instagram- Theycalllmechris Tumblr - Twitter - louboee

Team Oversteer Intro
82 TE72 wagon, Stanced out daily driver, 3tc/5speed. slammed patina 86 AE86 gts coupe, Slideslut, 4age/5speed. Slammed, used and abused 86 AE86 gts coupe, Daily Drifted, 4age/5speed. Slammed, stiff, sexy. Full package deal