ATV 4 Wheeler Vs 4x4 Isuzu Rodeo

This was a good day had allot of Fun Thanks to Harley Manning for stopping out with his Rodeo and my sons Friends for putting on a good show for us to see

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Isuzu Rodeo at Painted Rock
Thrashing on the wifes daily driver at the time

ISUZU & OPEL & Friends Autumn 2011 Offroad Fun vol.2

Lots of Sloppy 4 Wheeler Mudding and My Roll Over! LOL!
May, 2002: Going through my old video archives.. Introducing 'The Tree Of Woe' where we had a blast on our 4 wheelers slinging mud all over each other and I wipe out and get my mud initiation.. LOL!! ALL MY PLAYLISTS: SUBSCRIBE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: POPULAR PLAYLISTS: CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: 4-WHEELIN': PROJECT 'MEGA SHED': SUPPORT MY VIDEOS: EVT6PU8

Isuzu Rodeo Doin' the Mud
As you can see, the mud is really slick. It's been saturated by water all mosoon season and I of course was the guinne pig. The two other trucks here waited til I tried it first to see if they would play too.