WHITE BERTONE MANTIDE! Walkaround and Rev Sound

You don't see this every day. Kinda ugly, but it's so rare I had to post this. Hope you like it. Remember to thumbs up and subscribe! Nathan P.S. Again, the video I was talking about in the description in one of my other videos, that will be either a 200th video special, or a 250 subscriber special (whichever one comes first). Just lettin' ya know.

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Inside Project M Final Episode X: Building the Mantide
http://www.twitter.com/InsideProjectM Bradley Farrell's tenth, and Final full episode of a multi-part series documenting the design and development of the Mantide, a new supercar by Stile Bertone. In this episode, we see the final construction of the car. In addition we see the first public presentation of the car at Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d' Esta. http://www.twitter.com/InsideProjectM. Visit http://insideprojectm.com to learn more.

Bertone Pandion
BERTONE PANDION - Senza compromessi. Al di là delle mode. Una sportiva pura.

Top Gear Power Lap - Bertone Mantide
Suivez-nous! https://www.facebook.com/xboxracer https://twitter.com/x360racer Les carrossiers italiens ont longtemps réalisé des modèles pour les constructeurs américains et là c'est un peu l'inverse avec cette Corvette C6 déguisée par Bertone. Le V8 est un LS9 de 640cv et 800nm. Largement assez de vroom donc! Classement complet: http://xboxracer.com/jeux-video/134-jeux-xbox-360/forza-motorsport-4/4253-t op-gear-power-lap-times

citroen GT on road exhaust sound
amazing engin sound by citroen GT in le mans 2009