Driving Down the California Coastal Highway 1 in my RX-8 R3 using my GoPro Hero2

Decided to stick the Gopro to the top of my roof. It was very windy. But it was a very fun drive and it was a nice day. In the beginning i have a bit of fun on the turns but get blocked by other people. Overall it was a very nice drive. Started in Camarillo and passed through Malibu. -I have the Racing Beat Exhaust and intake installed.

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13-28 California Coast #3 of 4: Highway 1 and Big Sur
Follows California Highway 1 South through the Big Sur region along the California coast. We shot two hours of footage along the way but due to the inconsistent and sometimes poor lighting conditions decided to condense that footage in to one highlight video of the drive. Music info and FAQ's are in the ending credits.

Driving on highway 1 in California
Recorded the footage with GoPro Hero 3+. First part of the road trip from San Jose to Nashville.

Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip - San Fran to L.A. - Shot with GoPro Hero3
I have long dreamed about this trip. My daughter just finished her first year of college so I was trying to come up with something cool and fun for a father / daughter. So I did some research and decided to DO IT! I am sooooooo glad that we did this trip. I had high expectations but this went way beyond my wildest dreams. We started in SF and drove 100+ miles per day for a 5 day trip to LA. We averaged just over 11 MPH. My first recommendation - go north to south as we did. All the pullovers and beauty are just to your right hand side. AND - GET a convertible! I filmed this with my GoPro Hero3. I just bought it and am not well versed in its use. I will say that I am extremely impressed with the quality. I can now die and know what heaven will look like. I hope you enjoy this video!

Driving Los Angeles to Las Vegas
Video starts at Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica. Music by : http://music4yourvids.co.uk/