2 Evos and a GSX playing in the snow

Nocturnal crew enjoying their AWD goodness

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Something we just had to try, first time ever taking it on gravel and snow. And we weren't serious about how we used the ACD mode, I work at Mitsubishi so know how these cars work. There will be hate.. Follow us below ! Snapchat: Mayhem.inc https://www.facebook.com/MayhemIncorporation https://www.instagram.com/mayhem_incorporation

girlfriend drives evo 9 mr and does donuts in the snow
my girlfriend doing donuts for the first time in our evo 9 mr. It was a little on the scary side for me but i think she did a good job for her first time.

Snow driving in Livigno 2016 with Mitsubishi EVO 9
About driving in Livigno (in czech): http://www.awd.cz/ctyrdenni-radeni-v-livignu-2016

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII Snow
Snow day 2/9/13 Tires: Continental DWS ALL SEASONS Snow: 10-12 Inches.