camaro y-pipe headers and super 44 flowmaster

my stock 92 Camaro rs just got back from exaust shop and heres the sound

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1988 Camaro IROC-Z Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler & QTP Electric Cutout
New Exhaust sound of my IROC, 5.7L, with a Super 44 muffler and a quick time performance electric cutout. Video take with iPhone 3GS

2000 B4C Camaro ls1 Flowmaster Super44 exhaust + no cats
Stock pipes 2.5/2.25 stock manifold, no cats with Flowmaster Super 44 with stock z28 tips.. No Exhaust vibration, can be used for long trips. Camera makes the Exhaust sound louder than it is.

2010 Camaro SS - LS3 - X-Pipe, resonator delete, w/ FM Super 44s, DT Shorties PART 2
2.5 inch customer X-pipe cat-back Exhaust, with Flowmaster Super 44, Doug Thorley Shorty headers, and 4 inch stainless, beveled tips. Should have posted this long ago. This is a much better revving video than PART 1. Enjoy.

1987 iroc z camaro flowmaster exhaust
video of her running after sittin all winter headers, puched out cat, 2.5" from headers back