719whp dsm

719whp 93 mitsu eclipse on new turbo setup borg warner, 2year old engine still holding up. no Nitrous track passes coming soon.

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779AWHP @ 41psi - Partial Dyno Pull - Tim Zimmer 1999 Eclipse twicks69 Beyond Redline
Tim Zimmer's 1999 Eclipse GSX 7-bolt street-driven 2.3L Stroker and Borg Warner S400SX 74mm turbo setup. Produced 779AWHP/602TQ (SAE Uncorrected Numbers) on 41psi base tune shutting down early at 6790rpm.

1G DSM, Haltech PS1000, 62mm @ 34psi - 556awhp
4G63 2.2L from turbo4 Borgwarner S300SX FMW 62mm turbo 1.10A/R twin scroll T4 34psi Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU Early Performance tune Metro Transmission Automatic Transmission Precision Industries 1G billet converter

Mike's 1G DSM 62mm Borgwarner stall up testing
Converter stall testing my new setup. 2.2L 4G63, 62mm Borgwarner turbo, Precision 1G billet converter, Haltech PS1000 ECU. NO Nitrous AT ALL!

DSM Aluminum rod race motor first start up
First start up of my R&R/Wiseco HD race motor. Tuning the setup tomorrow and hitting the track later this week.