Chris Forsberg and Vaughn Gittin at Hyperfest 2012

Couple shots of Vaughn Gittin Jr and myself giving tandem ride-a-longs. Riding in the backseat of the M56 with Vaughn drifting right next to you is a memory a lot of these fans will never forget!

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GoPro Red Bull Drift Shifters x Chris Forsberg 2014
First person POV during a lap of the Red Bull Drift Shifters in Auckland, New Zealand 2014.

Chris Forsberg Super Lap at Englishtown 2015
After we wrapped up the last shot of Drift Garage, I took Drift Idiot​ for a super lap of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park​. We linked the entire track and I spontaneously took a new line with a 3rd to 4th to 5th upshift that I never tried before. Needless to say... it was awesome.

Chris Forsberg chasing Vaughn Gittin Jr at Formula Drift Road Atlanta 2015
Watch me chase my buddy Vaughn Gittin Jr around the Formula Drift Road Atlanta track. We finished off this weekend with a 3rd Place finish overall!

Chris Forsberg Formula Drift Orlando 2015 Practice Wall Ride!
A quick clip from Formula Drift Florida where we went to Orlando Speed World for the first time. Short but fun track with a sweet wall ride!