Jackie Stewart at Brands Hatch in Tyrrell 008

Jackie Stewart at Brands Hatch in Tyrrell 008

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Grand Prix - 1966 - Zandvoort - Scott Stoddard - BRM
This is the well known onboard lap of the Zandvoort circuit from the movie Grand Prix. Already seen before by many, but I made this version differently. I ripped it from the DVD and converted the frame rate to match the actual filming rate, which is 23.976 frames per second. I hope you'll enjoy it !

1973 Formula1 GP Nurburgring Jackie Stewart onboard lap commentary
Jackie Stewart narrates a lap of the 'ring in the 1973 GP 1:10: "you're going up here with so much G forces on that you can't take your foot off the throttle and get it on the brake"

Ayrton Senna | Kyalami 1992 | McLaren-Honda
Yes, I know where Kyalami is, which is why the actual video title has always been correct and that text in the beginning isn't my video edit. McLaren MP4/6B, Honda 3.5L V12

Jackie Stewart tests the P34 Tyrrell 6 wheeler
Jackie Stewart test drives the Tyrrell P34. Read the full story about the P34 here http://www.australianautosportcommunity.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=57