Tial 605 10-100

Short vid of ~10-100 pull. Roads quite wet. Tial 605 B5 S4, stock bottom end.

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All Wheel Drive Showdown! (Evo vs. S4 vs. STi )
Newest video!!!!!!: https://youtu.be/wpEyYDbqhMA racing starts at 2:15!!!!! 🌝 More racing action and more cars!!! Evo -280 cams -Full Exhaust -Front mount -Tuned to E85 S4 -TIAL 605 turbos -RS4 Inlet Pipes -RS4 Accordion Hose -RS4 Intercooler Subaru -FP Red -Full Exhaust -Injectors -Tuned to E85

AMD TIal 770R vs AMD Tial 605
2nd to 4th. 3rd to 4th. 2nd to forth again.

Tial 605 B5 S4 dyno
Tial 605 turbos, SSAC turbo back w/ no cats, DUH FMIC, EPL custom tune and 85mm MAF, EV14 72lb injectors, AWE intake, 710Ns, SB DXD-B clutch. 441 WHP & 482 TQ

Tial 605 b5 s4 acceleration
as the title states...