Tial 605 10-100

Short vid of ~10-100 pull. Roads quite wet. Tial 605 B5 S4, stock bottom end.

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S4 TiAL 770/605, 2871, K04 Dyno Pulls
TiAL 770 - 666whp TiAL 605 - 524 whp GT 2871 - 527 whp BW K04 - 375 whp

AMD 770R vs AMD Built EPL Tuned TiAL 605
Our custom built 3.5" Exhaust on both cars - TURN UP THE SOUND!!

AMD TIal 770R vs AMD Tial 605
2nd to 4th. 3rd to 4th. 2nd to forth again.

Tial 605 Audi S4
Playin' around with new camera. Tial 605 swap. 630cc injectors, 85mm maf, custom tune. Meth kit installed but not running it in video, need to put another nozzle in first. After listening to the video I'm kind of dissapointed with how the camera captures sound.. ah well the video is half decent. Buddy tailin' in his 944.