210 Coal Rollers Preview

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Powerstrokes and Cummins
210CoalRollers... music by joey triffe.....many more videos to come with many more trucks

210 Coal rollers Powerstrokes
Spartan tuned 6.4 (Blue/gray) Sct custom tuned 6.4 (Kingranch) H&S tuned 6.4 (White/Gray) 6.0 Sct Custom tune (Kingranch) Song by Jaguar- What so not

6.4 Powerstroke H&S Tuned 210CoalRollers
2008 F250 6.4 Powerstroke H&S Tuned

Bullet Proof 6.0 Powerstroke 210CoalRollers
Song: Fantom by Joey Trife