rons mopar 340 6 pack

340 small block. aluminum cly heads. hemi grind cam. 3x2 bl carb.

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Mopar 340 small block dyno
Mopar 340, bored .30 over, edelbrock RPM heads, & intake, 10:1 compression, Hughes cam, comp rockers, 750 demon carb. engine was breaking up due to a defective distributor and still made 428 Hp @ 5800, 438 Ft-lb @ 4200.


Sehr Performance Machine / Franks 340 6 Pack
Frank's build started off with him bringing in just the cylinder heads and 6 Pack intake for a MOPAR 340 that he was going to assemble himself. He wanted us to go through them to get them ready for assembly. This included shot blasting and stress relieving the heads, new hardened seats, valve job, guide work, some bowl blending and port matching, milling the heads, new dual valve springs, retainers, locks and of course new Viton positive seals. We also upgraded his cam with a custom ground, Comp hydraulic flat tappet piece and new lifters. His next batch of parts included his block and rotating assembly. We got everything cleaned up and crack checked and commenced bringing everything back to better than new condition. Frank also gave us the task of finding an original MOPAR fuel block and linkage for his 6 Pack set up. At about this point in time Frank decided to let Scott do the assembling and he had us break in his new engine and sort out the carbs for him as well. For the money he had into it he really didn't want to blow it on a possible missed step. All the data gathered on the Dyno greatly simplified the whole process and Frank has the data that shows what he's got.

Mopar 340 on dyno pretty close to stock
It is widely believed that the output of the 340 was "under-rated" by Mopar as a sales tactic to get around big insurance premiums for the would be car buyer. IT IS TRUE!!! Here is a pretty close to stock build that surpassed the "275hp" rating by quite a bit. 73 block and main caps, 3418915 J heads, cast iron stock intake 2531915, factory forged crank, windage tray, 273 rods w/ floating pins, comp cam XE268H-10. On the Dyno it made 367hp at 5800 rpms and 375ft lbs of torque at 4100 rpms!!! Here is a link to my restoration in progress!!!! barracuda+fastback