1989 Turbo Dodge Caravan racing at Mission Raceway, Aug 5/2011

Fully loaded van with a/c, interior, full Exhaust and auto, 3620 lbs with me in it, GT35R turbo, 2.5L 4 cylinder with a TIII 16 valve DOHC head. Just got it running with a newly ported head, tri flo cams and header. First time out, lots of tuning and playing, couldn't build Boost at the line. Ran a 16.9@84mph, 18 psi, retarded the cams by accident, oops.

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Mitsubishi Evo gets smoked by Dodge Caravan with Nos 2013 (HD)
Take $25 off your next vacation rental by booking through airbnb using link. www.airbnb.com/c/jlopez37?s=8 Mitsubishi Evo got smoked by a Dodge Caravan with nos. Pretty fun to see the dodge get up and go. None the less, the better man/car won. Good Job! Along with that race are some other cars going the quarter mile like the acura vs olds, Mustang vs honda, and audi s4 vs mazda rx7. This Clip was shot at Import Wars in Great Lakes Dragaway Union Grove, Wisconsin . Oct 13, 2013 Feel Free to leave COMMENTS, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE or hit the LIKE button to keep enjoying more videos.

Caravan 2.5 4c Turbo 0.5 Ready!
turbo Caravan 2.5

Dodge Caravan 3.0L replacing timing belt, water pump and front seals, part 5: Water pump
This eight part video series covers a tear down of the front of the 3.0L engine found in many Chrysler products. Support me on Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/originalmechanic The vehicle shown is a 2000 Dodge Caravan with a serious oil leak.The front crankshaft oil seal is replaced as well as the timing belt, the water pump gasket and a cam shaft seal. Part 5 covers removal of the alternator, rear cam sprocket, alternator bracket and water pump. For step-by-step text and still pictures of this procedure see:http://www.originalmechanic.com/2013/03/30-l-engine-chrysler-replace-wa ter-pump.html

Motor Chrysler 2.5 Lts Cambio de junta de cabeza Head Gasket Replacement.
Torque. Cabeza 65 lb/pie + 1/4 de vuelta, bancada cigueñal 30 lb/pie + 1/4 de vuelta, bielas 40 lb/pie + 1/4 de vuelta, banca de árbol 18 lb/pie, tornillo de árbol 65 lb/pie. Head Gasket Replacement Chrysler 2.5 Lts. Motor Chrysler 2.5 Lts Cambio de junta de cabeza.