Suzuki Sierra does deep mud bog...floating!

I have hit this bog plenty of times in the past and never has it been this deep...the car actually started floating for a couple of seconds there but I kept it pinned and powered on through

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4x4 (4wd) Action - Jeep VS Suzuki Sierra/Samurai in mud & water
A Jeep Wrangler and Suzuki Sierra/Samurai traversing a water/mud hole in different ways. The Jeep has mud tyres and goes in slow and the Suzuki has AT tyres and goes in fast. Which one makes it? Video created with Pinnacle Studio 18 Music created with Garage Band and from YouTube Audio Library "Cold Rise"

Suzuki Sierra water crossing

Suzuki Sierra Tas 1.wmv
Suzuki Sierra offroad in Tas

Thornos Suzuki sierra "Mudmonkey" samurai zook
Heres a few short clips of my old suzuki sierra I have since sold the beast