Australia's fastest street registered GTR 8.9 second R32

At a recent private test day at WSID, Paul's RH9GTR became the fastest street registered GTR in Australia with a 8.9 second run. Tuned by C&V and running a 3-speed Jatco automatic transmission this car is a true street car that weights just under 1600kg without driver. Full interior, full glass, no sound deadening removed and no lightweight panels so you know the 1000whp is no false claim. Full feature in Motive DVD coming soon

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World's Quickest True Street GT-R - "JUN II" R32 Skyline GT-R - 7.89@187mph
Shop ► What is a true street car? For Robert Marjan and the boys from Croydon Racing Developments the car had to be full weight with full interior, run on radials, have a full Exhaust to the back and run on fuel available from the pump. All while being able to be driven on the street. Ticking of each of these things makes the time of 7.89@187mph even more impressive. Facebook ► Instagram ► Newsletter ► Snapchat ► motivedvdcrew Croydon Racing ►

This is a feature we did on Robert Marjan's R32 GTR in Motive DVD. At the time it ran a 10-flat on a slippery runway surface. The car has since run a 9.28@155mph at WSID. Car was built and tuned by Croydon Racing Developments in Sydney Australia

7-second Nissan GT-R Skyline - GDZ1LR
Reece McGregor's Heat Treatments Nissan R32 running into the sevens at the APSA Pro Street Shootout. Powered by an N1 RB26 2.6L single turbo six-cylinder application and air-shifted Liberty five-speed (slider clutch) transmission. APSA Pro Street Shootout, Willowbank Raceway, Queensland, Australia, March 23rd 2013.

2015 Just Car Drag Battle & GT R Challenge #2 - 1000hp GT-Rs and more attack the runway
Pre-order DVD here: allenge Pre-order Blu Ray/DVD pack here: 5-drag-battle-gt-r-challenge The 2015 Just Car Insurance GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle held at Cootamundra Airport, was big, badder and faster once again. Nearly 2 hours of action from the runway in Motive DVD #025. Ten 1000hp GT-Rs as well as everything from 9-second Evos, Supra, XR6 turbo, Silvias, Skylines, 1000hp twin turbo Ute and Capri and a whole lot more attacked the runway looking to be crowned Australia's quickest street car, as well as compete in the Drag Battle and hit the thrash pad.