Very Funny Car Commercial

Nissan NP200 TV Commercial

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Lamborghini Funny Commercial.flv
If you own a Lambo don't shop too much

Funniest Commercial Ever
Stupid old man!!! So Funny

Funny Commercial Compilation
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*THE AUDIO IN ENTRY NUMBERS 7 & 2 ARE 'REMOVED' DUE TO COPYRIGHT. Check out the video on my Vimeo page for the original audio – apologies for this!* Watch on Vimeo: "I'm in me' mums car... broom broom!" – "Get out me' video description!" That was a very bad joke, I'm sorry... but here's a countdown of what I think are the 10 best automotive television adverts/commercials of all time! You can probably already guess which ad takes the #1 spot, but there have been many more innovative and creative car commercials that have been produced - so many in fact, I couldn't have fitted them all into one 'Top 10' countdown! Coincidently (honest!), nearly - if not all - of these adverts are UK based, but I'm sorry if I didn't consider ads from other countries! As per, feel free to disagree - but there is no viable reason to post hateful comments. What countdown do you think I should do next? Let me know in the comments! :) Check out my 'Countdown' Playlist for more: Intro/Outro song: p.s. hello