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Renault 4 Vs Swift en Pique 1/4 de Milla Cali Colombia



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Delire en Renault 4L 4X4

Después de quedar completamente restaurado, este R4 fue escogido como el mejor carro colombiano de Colombia

Restauration Renault R4 GTL
Dieser Renault R4 GTL wurde von mir in den Jahren 2010 - 2013 komplett neu aufgebaut. Ein Danke möchte ich noch aus sprechen an die Firma Renault Hietz, die mich dabei sehr mit Tipps und diversen Schweißarbeiten unterstützt hat. Die Firma Hietz hat mir die Erlaubnis erteilt das ich sie hier bei diesem Video veröffentliche. http://www.auto-hietz.at/

renault 4 the police
car audio sincelejo

Simca Vs Mustang
Simca en piques contra un Mustang en Cali, Colombia

Renault 4 - This is a story of Renault 4
Renault 4 - This is a story of Renault 4

renault 4 con super cargador
renault 4 con super cargador electrico y bueno ,Mejor mirar el video es un 1.1 con carburador pequeño

50 Jahre Renault 4 Messe Tulln.wmv
Sonderausstellung anlässlich der Oldtimermesse Tulln zum Thema 50 Jahre Renault 4.

EVO TV - 50 godina Renaulta 4
Renault ove godine slavi 50-ti rođendan četvorke. Napravili smo kratki video ;) shoot: Vladimir Baće edit: mrgud za EVO Magazin HR

Renault Icons - The Renault 4
Featuring a vibrant mix of archive film and interviews this documentary charts the history of the iconic R4. As well as hearing from the R4 enthusiasts gathered at the 50th birthday celebrations in Thenay, France in July 2011, there are retold tales of the adventures this ultra capable car enabled, from globe-trotting catwalk models to the student film makers and modern rallying youngsters. Dutch R4 enthusiast Bram Van Oeffelt shows off his outstanding collection of original 60s Quatrelles and we follow his on his pilgrimage to Thenay. At the R4 international event we see an incredible range of R4s in all shapes and colours gather together to celebrate half a century of the third best-selling car of all time and France's favourite four wheeler. For more 'Renault Icons' and other programmes visit www.renault.tv

Renault 4 GTL Clan 1991 : 13700 km !
Une Renault 4 GTL Clan (1991) avec moins de 14.000 km au compteur ! Une première main pas intacte mais dans un état de préservation exceptionnel. 1991 Renault 4 GTL Clan with on previous owner from new and less than 14000 kilometers on the odometer. Not a perfect car (some scars and blemishes) but one exceptional condition nonotheless !

Renault 5 Gt Turbo vs Megane F1 Team - Davide Cironi drive experience
Avete presente quel vecchietto che anche se siete iscritti in palestra da dieci anni riesce a spaccarvi il polso a braccio di ferro sul bancone del bar dello sport? Tre Mègane Rs superaffilate alle prese con una 5 da oltre 200 cv: muscoli o tecnologia?

Gumball 3000 2011 Belgrade Renault 4L!!!
The best looking Renault 4L that I saw in my life!!! Excellent work guys!!!

Viens faire un tour en Renault 4
Petit tour avec ma petit Renault 4. L'accélérateur ne revenait pas encore lors de la vidéo, maintenant c'est tout mieux réglé.

Renault 4 GTL engine running (Serbia)
Made in Yugoslavia (1991)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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