Lil Wayne goes skateboarding


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Lil Wayne Skateboarding with Paul Rodriguez, Theotis Beasley, Shane Oneill, and Torey Pudwill (HD)
Song: Ice Cream Paint Job - Lil Wayne

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Awesome 5 year old skateboarder
Awesome video of 5 year old skateboarder. Schaeffer McLean filmed over one summer, travelling around some parks in the UK, learning new tricks. This is his most loved video of all time. @schaeffermclean1 @dinerodiy My sisters Channel Follow me - To Subcribe Follow me on Facebook Schaeffer McLean has been skateboarding and uploading videos to his channel Schaeffernico since the age of 4. At a young age his videos gained a lot of attention, and his channel is now one of the most watched skateboarding channels on YouTube with millions of views. He is now 9 years old and still uploading skateboarding films regularly. You can find him skateboarding at parks across the U.K. Spain and other countries trying out new tricks and enjoying the spirit of skateboarding. Stay tuned lots more videos coming....