Lil Wayne goes skateboarding


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Lil Wayne Drops in, Shouts Out at Skatepark of Tampa
After I left at about 4am this morning while Weezy and crew were still skating, Porpe stayed behind to take care of them and close up the Park. He filmed Lil Wayne saying some nice words about Skatepark of Tampa plus some footage of him dropping in at the Bowl. That sure looked like a fun 5am session. Thanks for stopping by, Wayne. Thanks for filming and shooting photos, Porpe. More photos coming up soon at

Lil Wayne "Go Skate Day" (Carter V Update)
Follow Lil Wayne As He goes from the studio, working on the Carter V, to his house on National Go Skate Day.

Lil Wayne Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills at 5050 - Lil Wayne recently dropped into 5050 in Staten Island, where he showed off his skills on their impressive skatepark. The famed rapper rolled around 5050's space after hours, and pulled off some skilled drop-ins and rail grinds. Ed Pollio, co-owner of 5050, spoke about his relationship with Wayne. "Every time in he's in New York he hits us up. Most people start skating around 15, but he was on tour, rapping at that age. So skating has come to him later on in life, but you can tell he really enjoys it." Check out Weezy's board skills above and let us know what you think.