majiks 83 low low

yea its the same lac i bougt it and fixed it up a lil .83 cadillac lowrider .THE IMMORTALS N.C CAR CLUB OWNZ

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Spooky hopping in Odessa super car show
Spooky, Javier, Jaime and eli in the car show 11/20/11

岐阜県川島PA Japanese LOWRIDER New Year Cruising Cadillac impala Lincoln.wmv

1978 coupe deville lowrider
Just some pics of my 1978 coupe. an more.......

Curlys Pinstriping Cream Cadillac Lowrider
This 80's cadillac lowrider looked plain with no body mouldings so the pinstriping helps bring out the paint. I used two colors to match the interior scheme and wheels.