700HP in the Baltic Lands: Latvia Part 1 of 2 - /LIVE AND LET DRIVE

Since Alex only wants to drive in places American tourists NEVER go, we sent him to Riga, Latvia to meet up with our old friend Oto Godfrey. In Part 1 of our journey to the Baltic Lands, Alex has a look inside and outside the capitol city, where we find houses made of wood, one of the fastest cars in the country, and a KGB Headquarters. Next week on Part 2 of Latvia, we take the car to the track to drift with an F3 driver, visit a DMV from the far future, and fire AK-103 assault rifles at paper assailants.

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Drifting the 700HP M6 and Shooting AK-103s: Latvia Part 2 of 2 - /LIVE AND LET DRIVE
In order to lift his spirits from last week's depressing visit to the KGB Block in Riga, Alex goes to an underground gun range and fires a few WWII pistols and a newer iteration of the Kalashnikov, the AK-103. After that we wind up at Latvia's Track 333 to find out more about the 700HP G-POWER M6 loaner we've been driving, and drift it with Austria's Formula 3 Champion, Harald Schlegelmilch.

Are People in Latvia Friendly? [Social Experiment] [2014]
Are people friendly in Latvia? Watch this video to find out! People often think that Latvians have no hearts because they rarely smile, but is that really true? In this video we are going to perform a little experiment to see if that is the case. Follow us on Facebook: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JeRKs/185705378300515 Video Inspired by: Artis Žentiņš ---What is JeRKs?--- People often live their lives being afraid of social interactions, worrying of how they would look in the eyes of others and what they would think, thus putting barriers and limitations on themselves that keep them from doing what they really want to do. Our goal is to encourage people to be themselves, to do what they really want to do, encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone, so everyone can see it is not as bad as anticipated, and they can experience how much fun it is and how much it improves your confidence alongside with many other benefits. Website: http://jerks.tv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JeRKs/185705378300515 Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeRKsTV Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/115265393984644898964/115265393984644898964/p osts

Welcome to Latvia
Sing, dance and celebrate!

Riga, Latvia As We Travel Europe
http://www.aswetravel.com/riga-latvia-travel-video/ Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Riga has so many different cultures, from Russian, German, to Swedish, so I think it’ll be a really interesting day. We’re at the Freedom Monument, which is a memorial to all the Latvian people who died during the Latvian War of Independence. It’s a really majestic monument, and I love the detailed statues there as well. Today, it’s a really important symbol of freedom for Latvian people. Behind me is the another lovelock bridge. We’ve seen quite a few of these around Europe, and while Nathan doesn’t really see the point, I think they’re really romantic. This is, by far, my favorite one, and if I would’ve know this was here, I would definitely have brought a little lock and written our names on it. We’ve had a great day walking around Riga. It’s been really fun to see the different styles of architecture. You can really tell the Germans used to live here, the Russians and also the Swedish. So we’re going to finish the day with some Latvian Ice cream. http://www.aswetravel.com/riga-latvia-a-taste-of-the-baltics/