1978 Honda Civic Cvcc

In this video you can see the current condition it is in. It runs perfectly well and there is nothing wrong with it.

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1978 (1st Gen) Honda Civic Acceleration Test 0-100km/hr.
1978 (1st gen) Honda Civic Acceleration Test 0 - 100km/hr.

ホンダ シビック CVCC 1500RSL 1975 (Honda 1st gen CIVIC CVCC 1500 RSL)
シビックの全シリーズCVCC化に伴い、S49年に登場した「12 00RS」の後継車種としてS50.8に登場したのが、この「1500RS L」。販売期間はS50~54。 With the Civic CVCC conversion, this "1500 RSL" appeared in August 1975 as the successor model of "1200 RS" that appeared in 1974. The sales period is from 1975 to 1979. http://www.honda.co.jp/factbook/auto/CIVIC/19920700/cv20-009.html 「RSLタイプは、従来のシビック1200RSのスポーティな流れ を受け継ぎ5速マニュアルミッション、13インチのワイド タイヤを装備。」(ホンダHPより) 型式:B-SH 最高出力:70PS/5,500rpm 最大トルク:10.7kgm/3,000rpm

1977 Honda Civic CVCC Hatchback Classic Car Vintage
This little car is an awesome attention-getter! First generation Honda Civic CVCC -- makes mini Coopers look big in comparison. Lots of work has been done to restore this car including engine overhaul, carburetor overhaul, brakes, tires, seat covers, and more. Except for a recent paint job and a working 8-track tape player, this car is all original. Equipped with AC, but hasn't been charged in 1yr. She starts and runs like a sewing machine. Hondamatic automatic transmission. ~26 mpg city :: ~32 mpg highway. Less than 100,000 original miles.

CLEAN Oldschool Honda - Boosted!
CSCS Racing at Mosport July 17th 2011 RAW FOOTAGE GuelphRacing.com