Chav Drifting Gone Wrong

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Boy flips & rolls fiesta car in daventry
Boy flips fiesta mk5 in industrial estate trying to skid on macdonalds trays!

cheltenham cruise big car crash must see
This all happend on the 19th of july 2009 luckly no one was badly injured apart from the 2 cars!

Chav idiot nearly crashes stolen VR6 golf mk3 fail
caught on camera

បទដែលកំពុងល្បីប្រចាំ CLUB - NEw MeloDy SlOy Dance By Mrr CHav CHav Ft Vin MeLoDy
Mrr CHav CHav 👉ឆានែលថ្មី: lwujRAhXWcFgKHW8MBY0%3D 👉ឆានែលនេះមានបញ្ហាបន្តិចប ្តួចសូមមេត្តជួយ Subcribe ឆានែលថ្មីផង... 🙏សូមអរគុណសម្រាប់ការ Subcribe,Like,Cmt,Share😍😘😇