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Green Burning Ebay Laser!
link for laser: ZER-VISIBLE-ADJUSTABLE-BEAM-/231011433506?pt=US_Laser_Pointers&hash=item35c 95abc22 I recently got a laser off ebay to see if it would burn as stated. It does burn but I'm guessing a significant portion of it is IR but it still makes for a cool laser. If you liked this laser check out my other videos here:

Bosch GLL 3-80 P - Laser 3 lignes
Fonctionnement du laser Bosch 3 lignes, 2 verticales et une horizontale. Le laser peut être en position bloquée ou libre (auto-nivelante). En fonction auto-nivelante, si le laser bouge, un son est émis pour prévenir.

Laser smoothieboard first test
This is the first test of the smoothieboard for my k40