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SCT Collimation-3-Laser Collimation
Laser Collimation on SCT Telescope using HOTECH SCA Laser Collimator. - Product home page:

Cirurgia freio lingual a laser criança 3 anos e 11 meses
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Vbeam Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment - 3 days after - 5-21-11
3 days after It's been 72 hours since my Vbeam treatment and I am finally seeing some fading. I have also attached a pic of how well the makeup covers the "blueberry shade bruises". I hope you are getting some benefit out of these videos. I began making and posting them out of frustration for the people who, like me, want more info but can't find any "ordinary people" who had it done. There are settings that the laser has that allows the patient to choose a lesser effective treatment, less sting during the treatment and less bruising, thereby possibly needing multiple treatments. The upside is that the bruises that do show up are gone in a day or 2. The other option is that they can choose a more aggressive treatment, which results in more bruising, more sting during the procedure and longer healing time. I opted for the more aggressive, thereby giving me quicker results, more stinging and lotsa purple bruises! BUT...I won't have as many treatments...just 2. There are also choices in between those 2 examples. If this series of videos has been a help, please let me know by leaving a comment. I will continue to post videos for this treatment, as well as the next one, which will either be another treatment to my face or treatment for spider veins on my legs. I hope some of you who click on my videos are finding them helpful and/or informative. Talk at ya tomorrow. Remember to subscribe if you want to be notified as I submit for videos. Blessings to you and yours!

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