Pit Bike Ice Racing Hoffman Estates Il..mpg

Pit Bike Ice Racing Hoffman Estates Il.

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125cc Pit Bike
SOLD SOLD SOLD this is my 125cc pit bike for sale $800 ono, its just because i paid $1200 like just over 6 mths ago, and i just (1 ride ago) spent $300 on a top end rebuild this thing has balls and its a great reliable bike, the only thing that has let me down was the carby, which i have now replaced with a 28mm Mikuni. now the bike is fine this bike looks great. and goes better (SORRY, IN THE VID I MADE A TYPO SAYING THAT THE CARB IS 38mm, ITS ACTUALLY A 28mm) message me for further details the bike is in Australia cheers guys

2010 LACC Round 6 PIT BIKE Race
Jason Reine at it again

How to build Ice Racing Tires
Hey guys, in this tutorial I´ll be showing you step by step how to build your own ice racing tires, in this case for a motorcycle. We have been trying over 10 different models and fint this to be the best, so far. I hope that you´ll enjoy it and if you got any questions all you need to do is to comment down below. Excuse my english, it will be better in the future! :) Continue to read if you want everything in text so you can print it for a reminder. Dont forget to subscribe, I´ll give away a free t-shirt every other week to one of my subscribers :) Custom design made by me, ship to the whole world. So we know that a tire got 10-14 mm of rubber, depending of it´s conditions. Mesaure the nuts that you are going to use and then add the 10-14mm. Example: 11 mm rubber + 9 mm nuts = 20 mm This means that 20 mm will dissapear inside of the tire and wont touch the ice. So you will atleast use 25 mm screws but I would prefer 30mm :) So when you got your "30mm screw" you can grind/sharpen 10 mm of it. When you´ve grinded all the studs you´re ready to insirt them to the tire. Now it´s time to decide if you are going to use ordinary washers or if you will you will use the metal band as you saw in the video. I choose the metal band because the tire will stay stronger and it will also give you a free pattern for your studs. Same on the outside, decide what kind of nuts you will use. The ones in the video are lighter than normal nuts and you dont need a washer. Draw a line around the whole tire, centered. Drill the first lap around from the outside to make sure that it´s centered. Then it´s okey to drill from the inside. Feel satisfied with your pattern? I do hope so. You probably have some questions how to keep the air inside of the tire when you´ve mounted it. Dont worry. In my next tutorial I´ll show you how to setup your bike for ice racing. Since there is more than just studded tires.

Ice Ninja! Kawasaki KX250F Ice Racing | ON TWO WHEELS
Some of us live in climates that allow us to ride year 'round, but some motorcyclists have to suffer through winter every year, waiting for the spring sun to thaw the snow and let them ride again. Or do they...? In this episode of On Two Wheels, Zack travels to the frozen lakes of Wisconsin to remember how life on two wheels changes when winter comes in the icy north. Bundle up and get ready for ice racing!