TECHCO Twin Screw Supercharger Challenger Startup

TECHCO Twin Screw Supercharger

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530 HP Techo Challenger SRT8 on the Dyno
This 09 Dodge Challenger SRT8 twin screw Techo Hemi is the baddest on the block laying down over 530 RWHP on the Dyno. Techo Supercharger @ 9 psi, Fastlane Fuel System, built short block with 9-1 compression, Kooks Exhaust, Diablo Tune

Dodge Challenger Techco twin screw supercharger install
A video of the 3 day install of my new Techco twin screw blower! Amazing screw technology, kit very complete and docs were superb! Amazing power increase at all rpms!

Widebody Dodge doin a damn thing! Chi town

Dyno pull on supercharged 2013 Challenger 3.6L V6
A test of the Redline Challenger with Tidalwave centrifugal Supercharger. The Supercharger kit was created and installed by Tidalwave Tim ( The stock car was rated about 250 RWHP; with the Tidalwave Supercharger, the car is now 410 RWHP.