Bandimere Speedway...a Honda takes off VERY slow...I dont know what was going on but all of a sudden he takes off...I yelled out "VTACK" as a COMPLETE JOKE (because I know that wasnt what it ACTUALLY was) and AS SOON as I did.........the front bumper flew up and over the car lmao! EPIC FAIL!

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10-Bolt FAIL!
Bandimere Speedway... I managed to crack the carrier of my stock 10-bolt in half (as in 2 pieces) last week...I took it to a mechanic who replaced it so I could run at the track this day.... First Run, 3rd car on the track, and I busted several teeth off the ring in the rear.....10=Bolt FAIL! LT1 Torque FTMFW, GM 7.5" 10-Bolt FTMFL New 8.8 Rear End in progress lol

Vtec fail Honda civic eg5

Why did you turn? Honda meets a UHaul & more car fails
honda loading into a uhaul fail

Honda Dyno VTEC Sound's!
D-series,B-series,H-series,F-series,K-series VTEC Just Kicked in Yo! :-) HD