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Solucion VENTA SOLENOIDES AW55-50/ 09G volvo equinox bora

(33)15-62-10-20..Venta Solenoides vectra, volvo, equinox, bora, audi.


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AW55 Solenoid Adjustment, Diagnosis and Repair - Transmission Repair
In this video we see a very common issue when installing a shift kit or new linear solenoids, that once installed you still have driveability issues.

Reparo de solenoides de corpo de válvula 09G - VW e Audi - Parte 5
Jetta, Passat, New Beatle, Golf, Tiguan, Bora Modelo da transmissão: 09G - VW, Audi Corpo de válvula completo, revisado, testado e com garantia. A base de troca ou para venda, novo e usado. Instalamos em São Paulo ou em qualquer lugar do Brasil a combinar. Equipe especializada em transmissão automática atuante há 40 anos no mesmo endereço. Inscreva-se em nosso canal, curta nossos vídeos e compartilhe !!! Transmission Parts ® Desde 1974 Especializada em peças e serviços de reparação de transmissão automática (câmbio automático), blindagem, manutenção de blindados e funilaria. www.transmissionpartssp.com

Trans Support VENTA SOLENOIDES AW55-50/09G,volvo,e
(33)15-62-10-20..Instrucciones instalacion Solenoides AW55-50,vectra, equinox, volvo, bora, audi

AW55-51SN / RE5F22A Transmission Part 3
These are the most common mistakes while working on this unit if you're not familiar with it. Basically I shared these videos for other tranny builders that have'nt worked on these unit yet. I'm proud to say that many of you are not transmission rebuilders, but own a vehicle that has this unit in it, and are takleing the common issues and resolving them. This is the purpose to this follow up video, to share with you the common mistakes and how to avoid them. if you are not familiar with this unit I suggest that you take pictures of it so you can go back and use them as refferance points. If anything has any adjustments to it, please measure it before you disassamble it. Please take notes...Thank you! SUBSCRIBE above, click the like button and leave your comments bellow. Thanks, enjoy.

reparacion de cuerpo de bora, falla de golpeteo, refacciones taller
este video es subido especialmente para un chico de argentina esperando sea de gran utilidad cualquier comentario o duda nosotros te aclaramos. . .transmicionesmetauto@hotmail.com tels 54407739 nextel 46112480

reparación de cajas automáticas (pruebas de presión hidráulica) - parte 3


6L80-E Transmission Introduction. Bilingual, English/Spanish - Transmission Repair
This is a tear-down of a 6L90-E transmission of a 2009 Chevy Avalanche. What I explain here is what I have seen so far with these transmissions.Besides what you see here is is also very important that you perform a Fast Relearn Adaptation. Otherwise you will have unpleasant shifting and drive-ability issues. The part number for the piston is 24238700.

AW55-51SN / RE5F22A Transmission Teardown Inspection - Transmission Repair
This is a transmission of a 2005 Nissan Maxima. On this video you will see the common problem that are associated with this unit. Although there is rumors out there that a simple valve body swap or new solenoids or even a shift kit will cure your problem, here we see the opposite. I know that 50% of your shifting issues can be solenoid and valve body related, but some drivers push their cars to the limit causing severe damage as you can see here.

FixEuro.com - VW 09G Transmission - Part 5
www.FixEuro.com Repair Blog Pictures with 246 Documentations here: http://picasaweb.google.com/fixeuro/CharlieWebbRO152972003VWBeetleWith09GTr ansmission# Original Content - Copyright 2008 FixEuro.com

Honda Transmission Rebuild Video - Transmission Repair
Honda Transmission Rebuild Video - Transmission Repair On this video we see what it takes to Rebuild a Honda Transmission, what parts it takes and what has been working to correct some of the common failures on these transmissions. Blue Overheated Torque Converters has been a common issue on these Transmissions for a long time and we still see this regularly to this day. Although there are various shift correction kits and special valves out there, all work really good on correcting the issue with the lack of converter feed fluid. I like them all. So if a deciding factor is important to you on which method to use, all I can say is this, They all work. Keep in mind that there are "other" fixes or items that can be added to the rebuild, but it is not really necessary if they're not really needed, I'm not mentioning any but I know some of you will. With that being said I like to thank you for watching this video and liking it and sharing it. Thank you guys for your support. Please Subscribe if you not already. Thanks.

Installing Rostra's new AW 55-50 solenoids
A brief demonstration of how to install Rostra's new generation of AW 55-50 solenoids

cuerpo de valvulas de vectra, diagnostico y fallas variadas
en este video se muestra el diagnostico y los tipos que existen para el cuerpo, de un 50-55 w, de 5 velocidades tiptronic, esperamos les guste

AW55 Solenoid Bracket ID
AW55 Solenoid Bracket ID

09G / TF60SN Transmission Re-Assembly - Transmission Repair
Re-Assembly of a 2007 VW Jetta 09G Transmission. This transmission had delayed engagements when hot. The K-3 clutch pack was burned and it had gear ratio error codes and over temperature codes. Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE above, leave your possitive comments bellow, LIKE it and SHARE it. Thanks for watching...ENJOY.

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