Empire Racing AMS 37R EVO Drag

Empire Racing AMS 37R EVO Drag

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AMS 37R Evo Empire Racing
AMS 37R Evo on the streets

Garage Phantom Drag Evo @ Tullinge 2006
Kamis insane drag Evo from Garage Phantom at Tullinge dragstrip. For more carmovies visit: www.nismo.se

KBS-MUSC drag challenge 2011 final round ..wira evo AMS langgar divider
precint19,putrajaya 3:30am 17disember 2011

AMS Drag Evo New Dyno World Record for Evo 8 1180whp
At Mitsubishi Owners Day 2009, AMS hits 1180whp to break its existing record of 1142whp. Dyno provided by Road Race Engineering