1984 300zx, 50th anniversary 300ZX Turbo

1984 300zx turbo 50TH Anniversary,painted all black. Was silver when new

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300ZX 1ST Gen Commercial #1
First generation Z31 300ZX Commercial #1, it's awesome!

Nissan Fairlady Z31 Hooning
Messing around at Wembley stadium before Jdm Allstars 2011. Nissan Fairlady Z31 More details on the car here www.facebook.com/LMMFANS

1989 Turbo 300ZX Z31 VG33ET T3/T40e Nistune
Hey hey! Well, I think its done! Its finally done! I just got a new paint job and new seats! I also just finished the vg33 swap. I got the motor from a 2004 Frontier with 79k on it. Well, let me know what you think!

Ride in my 300ZX Turbo AE
Just a lil ride in my Z first pull is 15-60mph at 6 1/2 seconds while keeping rpms below 6100 Mods: Custom K&N Intake 3in MSA Exhaust/no cat update: car is running good still, especially now that i had the head gaskets and every gasket along the way replaced. Just installed kyb shocks with eibach springs (damn tokico for discontinuing the hp blues) Got a Boost controller and am now happily sitting at 9 pounds running mid to low 5 second 0-60s and pulling modded 4th gen Mustang gt's :D update: no longer running 9 pounds. Just enjoying the car on stock Boost(93 ocatane gas isnt cheap either). Had to swap power steering pump. Need to do the o2 sensor which will be a bitch to remove. but besides that reliable and a lot of fun still. update: 6/2/2014: Car is still running good. I am currently putting the a/c back in the car. Vacuum leaks under the dash are not fun. The FSM scans on xenonz31 are great help though. The turbo is leaking oil into my intake pipe so i will be removing the turbo and getting it rebuilt as soon as i have the funds. Clutch is slipping as well so i have a few tasks on hand but its worth it. update 6/3/2015: Well everybody i am selling this car. Over the past year i have realized the turbo was in fact not leaking, just oil from crankcase hose. I swapped a analog dash into the car and thats about it. The car now has 145k miles and its time to let someone else have it. I loved the hell out of it but its time to move on, im sick of keeping this one running lol. Plus the passenger t top is now leaking and the car is no longer garage kept so it really needs a new home with a garage. Anyways I just bought a black 88 non turbo with 88k on the odo so that will be my new project. It is fucking mint! Everything works perfectly and inter/exterior look brand new.I will be installing coilovers and doing the na2t hopefully this year. Wish me luck! None the less here are some exterior pics of my ae. (i guess i should say soon to be former ae) enjoy! See link below(pics were taken around 5/2015): https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=52bc40df29e8a51b!5453&authkey=!AA8p0h JgNI2Us-s&ithint=album%2c